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  1. In Chinese Medicine summer is a yang season, a time for expansion, with the energy moving up and out with a lively brightness. We should be feeling that life is good and it’s time to spice-up the social life! Get out more often!
  2. Summer is a time of abundant foods, being the best time to get as much variety into the diet a possible. Time to eat pungent-spicy foods that promote energy and activity as well as use cooling foods to balance the summer heat.

Summer is the perfect time for spices, flowers and leaves that have a floating or outward energy!

  1. Avoid excessive cold and frosted drinks and snacks. Be cautious of salads as excessive raw food at this time of year can cause diarrhea. Drink warm liquids and eat warm food. Lighten meals in summer by eating smaller portions in shorter intervals, and avoid the intake of greasy and fatty meat dishes.

The only two things I ever see Chinese eat raw is cucumber and radish, both popular in summer, and they always eat them with a cooked meal. The cucumber comes with a bunch of garlic. The radish comes with a spicy sauce. The raw ingredients are very yin, so they add the garlic and spice to add yang and not be overly cooling on the digestion, that requires yang for proper transformation!

  1. Avoid excessive wind in summer. Find cool places to rest with less wind. Ensure the bedroom is cool without wind blowing directly on your body, or head!
  2. Comb your head daily 100-200 times during the summer months, taking care not to injure the scalp and selecting a place that is free of draft. This is a natural method to expel wind and brighten the eyes.

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Alex Tan

Alex Tan L.Ac is a licensed Acupuncturist. After completing his degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Alex lived and practiced Chinese Medicine for 10-years in Beijing, China. A native-born Australian, the son of his Australian mother and Chinese father, Alex's bi-cultural heritage helps him skillfully bridge Eastern and Western health perspectives. He believes the true power of Chinese medicine lies in a balanced approach towards prevention and treatment. Rooted in Chinese Medicine observation based theory & methodology over millenniums, Alex’s talent lies in delivering these Eastern healing modalities to his modern Western clients. Click here for more about Alex.