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Positive Morning Rhythm (PMR)

Building Health Day-By-Day Using Ancient Chinese Wisdom

Below is a morning program I suggest you choose to follow to create a solid foundation for your health. Should you choose to improve your long-term health and wellbeing then you must consciously take greater responsibility for yourself. Pro-activity is a key!

  1. Read the program below – PMR1
  2. Identify challenges and take notes regarding any questions
  3. Discuss with Alex what is possible
  4. Create a health plan together with Alex

Follow your personalized health plan (5-days/week to start with is ok) and over time it will be a regular part of your life – easy!

Positive Morning Rhythm – Level 1 – (PMR1)

  1. Get up at the time you set your alarm (no snooze). Getting up with just before the sunrise best (between 5-7am)
  2. Splash cold water on face, drink 1 big cup (300ml+) of hot water (50:50 room temp:boiling)
  3. Bowel movement (take time, build daily rhythm)
  4. Physical exercise – stretching, breathing, moving better – walking, cycling, swimming, tai qi, yoga and/or writing, singing, prayer, meditation or some form of creative activity. Mind/body/spirit exercises best

Now you are ready for breakfast

Straight Bamboo Breakfast Essentials

OatsHot and soupy porridge style breakfasts best. Try to eat cooked and warm food in the morning – easy to digest (you would feed babies) for best digestion. I suggest cooked grains/cereals (carbohydrates) with a little protein. Eat between 7-9am (Earth Stomach time – our bodies from the earth and we need nourishment from the foods of the earth. For example:

  1. Porridge (plain, sweet or salty) made from rice, oats, or millet plus one boiled egg
  2. Soup or stew from the night before with a little rye bread or toast
  3. Rye (better than wheat) toast with egg or hummus plus some tea
  4. Rice noodle soup with a few thin slices of meat (best if soup cooked in broth)
  5. Muesli with hot water and a little milk (dried fruit and honey optional) plus one boiled egg
  6. Hot soy milk with fresh warm bread

Note: Fully cooked grain porridge is easiest on digestion but eating breakfast is most important – to build Stomach Qi – ‘fire in the belly’ – you need to eat breakfast!

For tips on how to make porridge click here

Meals & Rest

Then simply eat meals at regular times. The key to better digestion is to base your day around three cooked meals and minimize snacks – once a day small snack ok.

Breakfast: 7-9am (substantial cooked grains) – grounding & energizing

Lunch: 11.30am-12.30pm (full meal) – short 15-30 minute rest after eating

Dinner: 6pm-7pm – (eat a little less) lower on grains

Bedtime: Aim for 10pm (going to bed consistently after 11pm will deplete energy reserves) earlier in winter, later in summer

‘Learning to respond to life challenges rather than habitually react is essential. It is necessary to familiarize oneself with the principles of nourishment to best defend yourself against the forces of negativity’


For the .pdf version click here – Positive Morning Rhythm