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New Moon Teaching 6

Anger is one of the five passions of the mind and synonymous with suffering. Caught up in the nasty mess that is anger, one slips into the negative vibrational patterns of power, deception and illusion… sinking deeper into the ocean of suffering. Anger and hatred are related to temporal conditioning and lead the mind astray. They are like thieves, which steal innate integrity. Turbulent emotions, including anger and hatred, de-stabilize the core and ensure that balance and harmony cannot emerge.

Anger is disobedience in spiritual law and resonates with the gusto of rebellion. Disobedience and rebellion are closely identified with ego.

One becomes angry when the ‘ego-identity’ is not appeased. The ego-identity refers to the idea or image that one has about oneself.

In the ‘real non-leaking’ human being, one who is free from conditioning, the ‘free-flowing’ movement of energy is governed by the Liver, and it is this function which is responsible for maintaining a natural discipline and obedience. This is why the Chinese refer to the Liver as a ‘the general’. A good general knows himself intimately. This is the pre-requisite for directing an army in a balanced and harmonious fashion. Similarly, the Liver energy may be likened to the conductor of an orchestra. A good conductor gets the best sounds from his players because within himself, he is balanced and harmonious.

It is impossible to get rid of anger and hatred through conscious effort or denial. Anger and hatred can only be dropped when the emotional attachment to them ceases. Similarly, suppression of these emotional aberrations obstructs the free-flowing movement of Qi within the pathways.

The ancients referred to unwavering moral and righteous conduct, and the seeing through passions and desires. This is not achieved via denial or fear or duty, rather enthusiasm and love and a deep knowing that is the way to prevent leakage and blockage of Qi.

If one is sincere, anger and hatred can be honoured in terms of facing the fact of their existence and then they can be dissolved. It is simply a matter of burning away attachment to them. If you are aware, you won’t need to cling to them. Awareness can either be gradual or instantaneous; progressively developed or it can occur like lightening. Allow it to happen and you will see for yourself.

Like hurt and insult, anger and hatred only arise when you are attached to the image you have of yourself. The image can never be real because it is a fabrication. Consciousness is also used to create illusions. The illusions we create about ourselves and others are the things of the mind. The things of the mind are connected to emotions and consequently have a profound bearing on the way we face the world.

Be aware of the image you have of yourself. See how it has come into being and see how it is used to set up patterns. Watch, listen and learn. If you can do this, gradually or instantly, you will have begun the process of reversing the harmful effects of conditioning.

Alex Tan

Alex Tan L.Ac is a licensed Acupuncturist. After completing his degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Alex lived and practiced Chinese Medicine for 10-years in Beijing, China. A native-born Australian, the son of his Australian mother and Chinese father, Alex's bi-cultural heritage helps him skillfully bridge Eastern and Western health perspectives. He believes the true power of Chinese medicine lies in a balanced approach towards prevention and treatment. Rooted in Chinese Medicine observation based theory & methodology over millenniums, Alex’s talent lies in delivering these Eastern healing modalities to his modern Western clients. Click here for more about Alex.


  • Tamra says:

    It is fascinating to explore how to regulate emotions by honoring them as you say and yet not be attached to them in ways that deplete your energy and squander your time. I don’t think that I fully understood your message. To paraphrase your article, ‘one cannot get rid of anger with conscious effort, and consciousness creates illusions…Yet, the way to rid the conditioning is to become aware.’ In what sense? How does one suppress emotions and if able to ‘face the fact they exist’, how is attachment to anger or hatred burned away?

    • Alex Tan says:

      Tamra, thanks for your comments. It is suggested that our best path is to have awareness of anger’s existence. Acceptance of this, along with unwavering moral and righteous conduct are the keys to freedom!

  • Dee Dee Young says:

    Hello Alex

    Thank you.I’m always grateful for these teachings.
    Attachment to anger, even in the unconscious; is a drain on positiveness and Qi. This whole discussion has been a wonderful teaching for examining perspectives. Its all about allowing the breezes of anger that sometimes come, to blow over us, then becoming restored once more.