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front coverThe Beijing Cold & Flu Book

The Easy to Use Guide of Prepared Chinese Herbal Medicine to Treat Cold & Flu

After 10-years in China as a qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Educator, Alex addresses one of the most common questions he gets in an easy-to-use self guide. That is: What Chinese herbs do I buy when I have a Cold & Flu?

Like the answer to most Chinese questions, including Chinese medicine… it depends! Alex’s engineering and modern science background sensed he must be able to create a simple guide for people to be self sufficient in treating such a common condition like cold & flu. With a skill in understanding and translating ancient health wisdom, then delivering it in a structured modern way – Alex leaves this legacy to all the expat community that supported him over the past 10-years.

Step 1 – Use decision trees to access the recommended herbal formula based on your signs & symptoms

Step 2 – take the formula page to the pharmacy to buy the recommended formula or formulas

Step 3 – take the recommended dosage and follow suggestions given to you in the book


This book gives you the best chance of getting through a cold & flu as quickly and effectively as possible, or even avoiding the cold & flu all together.

Packed full of other information: ingredients; tips and notes on each formula; how to understand Cold & flu from a Chinese Medicine perspective as well as traditional remedies and more

This book is designed with the modern international person in mind. For those of you who are interested in Chinese Medicine and looking for a practical way to better your understanding, this book can be very useful. If you’re currently living in a Chinese city, and are keen to know how you can use Chinese herbal medicine to help you manage one of the most commonly experienced medical conditions – cold and flu – then this book is definitely for you!

How to buy this book?

Simply go down to the Hutong – click here for map – usually 120rmb and I am selling it at promotional price for 100rmb.

Promotion – Buy 2 Cold & Flu books for 150rmb (75rmb each) – at the Hutong

There are also copies available at the Bookworm in Beijing – ask for the promotional price!

For those of you who feel real books a little old school, the ebook is coming soon!

Stay tuned!