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Healing endometriosis and preventing another surgery! I started into the acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) path by reading Kelly A. Turner PhD, Radical Remission and thought if people are healing their cancer through TMC than why not heal try to heal my endometriosis. I’m 37, childless, and a nurse who feels like western medicines’ only solution for me, is birth control and surgery to remove what feminine parts I have left. Alex’s treatment and teachings; acupuncture, herbs and diet changes, have improved my menstrual cycle to the point that I can get out of bed, go to work, or be social at a party! In less than two months I have seen big changes. My abdomen use to be sensitive to touch at almost any time of the month. Now when my husband pats my belly, I welcome it because it no longer hurts. Alex has helped me balance night shift work, in a day shift world as well. Thirdly, I have a mysterious knee pain that only flares up when I try to run and has been keeping me from running for almost 6 months. I have experience this knee pain on and off for about the last ten or so years of my life. Lately, I have been thinking that my running days might be over. As of last week after acupuncture I could feel a giant difference in my body and alignment. I was able to gently run/walk three days in a row with no pain…a truly wonderful surprise!

Tess – US Registered Nurse


Overall, I am feeling SO much better. I have had only a few days of pain in my arms, wrists and a little in my hip and ankle.  Otherwise, the herbs and eating plan are working well.  I have also been sleeping much better!

Catherine – US Office Manager


I started seeing Alex Tan a year ago in 2017. I had been through 15 years of treatment on and off for 4 separate cancers. I had had 3 stem cell transplants.  I felt that it was time to let my body heal deeply and recover from the battery of treatments. Dr. T. addressed various issues including  foot and joint pain and scarring from radiation.  I am thrilled to report that I have been able to get off all the meds I was taking bar 1, and that my pain has subsided significantly. I continue seeing him regularly to maintain these superb outcomes. I would recommend him, and do, to anyone needing help to recover from chronic disease treatment or for specific pain management. He is very elegant,  highly educated, efficient and professional in his approach. 

Carole Sulser – US Family Manager


“In 2013 I experienced several frightening episodes of sensations of tingling and burning in my arms and legs. I had MRIs of my spine and brain, and electric stimulus to explore the health of the nerve endings of my limbs but they came back normal, and did not uncover what had caused my symptoms. It was suggested they were psychosomatic and likely the result of anxiety. I came to Straight Bamboo and we explored my state of physical and emotional health and how I could work on achieving more balance in my life. I believe these visits set off a series of events that not only made me able to feel more in control of my life, but which have made me truly very happy’.

Brooke – Australian Partnership Development & Research Consultant


‘Alex opened my mind to a completely new perspective of my health condition. As well as acupuncture treatments, Alex guided and coached me on a personalised health program designed to alleviate the condition long-term. Alex believes that the easier part is ‘knowing’, the part we need support is in the ‘doing’.  These simple positive interventions are now part of my daily routine and happier and healthier for it.’

Uwe – Senior Director


“I found Alex to be a true professional, first listening and then tailoring treatment to individual needs, making even acupuncture a pretty painless experience”

Margot – Dutch Professional Coaching


‘I truly appreciate your holistic approach to health and well being. More or less you normally get a treatment or you go to a therapist to talk but with you a person gets both. It’s fantastic that you have the skill to give that :D. And also your personal point of view. I’d love to have a chance to come see you again.’

Eija – Finnish Hair Designer


My PSA was down about 20% compared with the previous year and my prostate had shrunk a bit less than 10%. Your ministrations and the Chinese herbs were the only new factor I can think of.

Ken – Australian Power Plant Developer


Life is awesome! My melancholy has lifted and I feel truly alive. I’m exercising a lot, dating, studying philosophy and just having a good time. Also, I really miss your excellent tea!

Carl – Swedish Student


‘Stomach is way better…and I also lost weight somehow’

Elisa – Italian Project Manager


I wanted to thank you for your treatments. I do believe your care had an impact on the conception of our baby, and I am grateful

Catherine – US School Teacher


Thanks for everything, it’s been an amazing journey! Life will never be the same following your support and guidance! 

Leslie-Ann -Trinidad & Tobago Writer & Teacher


‘You are truly one special person who leaves meaningful footsteps behind you!

I still cannot imagine getting through 2 labours without you teaching my husband to help with massage and acupressure!’

Agnese – Latvian Sales Representative


“After 18 months of trying for a baby, I fell pregnant within five sessions. Highly recommended for any women’s health issues”

Kate – British Communications Manager


‘Your style of teaching is creative, easy to understand, and very informative’

Stephen – Canadian Doctor of Chinese Medicine


“Thank you so much – you are an excellent teacher!  These Qi Gong classes, both the exercises and the information on Daoist thought, plus all the incidental knowledge you gave me while my acupuncture needles were brewing – it was life changing”

Barb – Canadian School Principal


‘The acupuncture treatment you provided has been amazing for my left big toe. I cannot stress how much relief it gave me. I look forward to another treatment, even if I have to come to China to get it. The nutritional recommendations you gave me have provided clarity of mind, energy and renewed vigor. Who knew I was eating all the wrong things? You did! Hot water first thing, porridge in the morning and cooked foods are my new guidelines. I am so very grateful. Qigong is now part of my early morning routine. The results are impactful.’

Christina – US pilates/yoga teacher


Looking back over this year, I found the decision to attend your wellness seminar has been proved more than correct. Your seminar has provoked me to explore the functional system of human body from the perspectives of Chinese traditional metaphysics of yin-yang and five phases of correspondence, instigated my experiments with Taiji boxing, and served a landmark reminder to establish a healthy balance of diet and life style (albeit the difficulties of constantly struggling to maintain the balance due to life’s inevitable ups and downs and emotions’ ebbs and flows). Concretely, I am happy to report that the most recent blood tests indicate that I have managed to reduce once highly elevated cholesterol levels to the normal range, all within only one year’s time and without taking any medicine, Western or Chinese. The challenges to thoroughly understand the Chinese system and implement health solutions still remain, but the power of wellness program more than speaks for itself!

I wish to offer you my sincere gratitude for the work you have been doing and all the best wishes to your entrepreneurial endeavors in the coming New Year. Regards,

Ye Wei


“Altogether I feel better with the regularity and the exercises. So I’m really thankful having been able to be your student and learn from you. Thanks for teaching me and giving me a new perspective of life!’

Stephan – German


“Alex walks the talk. I feel empowered and inspired by the practical Qi Gong exercises and the traditional Chinese health insights. Thanks to Alex’s enthusiasm and professional teaching I have incorporated this in my daily routine and am confident of it being a lifetime practice. Health and wellbeing was my goal but there is a bonus – doing Qi Gong means I will always carry in my heart a daily reminder of my China experience. I can’t wait to share with my family. Thank you Alex. ”

Kathryn – Australian parenting (P.E.T.) and personal empowerment instructor coach and author


Thank you for an amazing course, I really found everything so interesting and it is clear you love the subject and have studied so much and in so much depth.

Jennifer – UK/HK Senior Director, International – China National Convention Center – Beijing


“HIGHLY recommended! The exercise, two-way dialogue with Alex and classmates, and environment was a welcome change to life’s crazy pace. I’m a healthier and nicer person because of this course”

Shane – US Real Estate and Private Investments


‘It was brilliant, and far exceeded my (already rather high) expectations :-)’

Jane – UK, Strategic Planner


‘From my China experience this summer/autumn I feel that the workshops with you really gave me a lot, so I want to thank you for that, keep up the good work!’

Jessica – Sweedish MD


‘Thank you! Really enjoyed the morning with you. Thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge

Frank – German, travel writer 

‘I loved it, and you actually inspired me to want to learn more’

Lynda – NZ Milk Quality Manager


‘Great introduction to Daoism and Chinese culture – focused on everyday implementation’

Angeliqa – Swedish Personal Assistant


“I had experienced difficulty before, trying to learn Qigong and Traditional Chinese medicine, so was delighted by the way Alex’s class was organized. I not only received technique and information, I learned the way and why integrating this priceless treasure into my daily life. “

Tommy, US Professional Martial Artist


‘I loved your work, your attitude, and your presence. You are quite an inspiration!’

Jason – US IT Contractor


‘I think you are an excellent instructor.  Your were very concise in your presentation of the materials, answered questions, encouraged discussion, are a wealth of useful information and are willing to share your knowledge.  I have actually had instructors reluctant to share their knowledge.  The hands on was great in that you were checking up on us without being overbearing.  I really liked the comfortable and somewhat informal class setting as well.  Getting the handouts and presentation is wonderful to have for future reference.’

Diane – Massage therapist


‘I want to thank you again for a fantastic day. The students were enthusiastic and all enjoyed a very good presentation of Chinese Medicine, this was also supported by your enthusiasm and deep knowledge for this subject!’

Maria – German School Teacher


‘Not only did the outstanding Eat-Sleep-Breathe workshop personally teach me to keep a daily exercise and diet routine and by extension, take better control of a hopelessly unwieldy life, but it allowed me to meet a diverse group of people and even make better sense of my adopted, sometimes mysterious country. Alex was a brilliant teacher; he delivered any qi gong corrections as “some of us are doing…” which meant that no one ever felt singled out. The tag line “Chinese medicine with a Western perspective” is invaluable – Alex deftly ties in aspects of the ancient and modern Western world with his Chinese medicine education – for example, a hot water and rice porridge breakfast shares the same principles as the hot tea and oatmeal many of came to know and love. This universality means it is easier to understand health habits in both hemispheres, and makes this process less about blindly following rules and more about expanding your own mind. Alex takes on all manner of questions, teaches in a clear, informal way and hands out plenty of optional reading material. My only regret is that there was so little time; in many areas, we had just scratched the surface. However, even there, he has suggested readings (in the form of bibliographies) and is always available for questions. I was sorry to see this class end, and am very much looking forward to the second level.’

Nancy – US Writer


Thank you very much for this Commited TCM tour. I have all just positive impressions: very informative and interesting talk, tasty food, nice company. I would highly recommend it to my friends.

Yulia – Russian, wine ambassador 

‘I often reflect back on our amazing two days and still share my experiences with others’

Lynn – American licensed  massage therapist


‘I can’t express how glad I am to have taken your workshop, it really has changed the way I think about…everything!  A friend told me that your workshop would change my life. I was skeptical at first, but after the very first class, I was sold. I never knew I was doing everything wrong (according to traditional Chinese beliefs).   From nutritional diet to breathing to sleeping positions to my daily routine…I’ve taken all your advice to heart and I’m going to continue practicing these new habits! Thank you Alex’

Kristen – American PR/Marketing (Guru and Founder of

‘Thank you so much for taking a look at me and helping me get onto the healthy path. Everything you’ve taught so far really resonates in me and I’ve developed a real interest in the Daoist philosophy and TCM practices. I’m going to the try my best to be and apply all these principles. I am aware that this is a 30%-70% divide. Now that you’ve given me the 30%, it’s up to me to make up that 70% to reach my optimal body/mind/spirit health. And i’m determined to!’

Sophia – French Student of Chinese Language & Culture


‘Thank you for such a beautiful website. I knew something of TCM, but was out of balance here (USA) this summer (heat & humidity). Your “How to Stay Healthy in Summer” article tells me just what I needed to know to correct imbalance. I am also familiar with acupressure and will use it also to restore balance. Many, many thanks for this resource.’

Jed Limen (near New York City, USA)

‘Thanks Alex, I got a lot out of this course. It’s helped me experience China in a very different way and inspired me to align myself with the ideas and wisdom of the Chinese.’

Simon – UK Film Producer

‘Your walk in Ditan Park was certainly one of the highlights of my Beijing visit. Thank you again for such an uplifting experience!

Marsha – US Retiree


‘I really enjoyed your tour, great way to start the day’

Amanda – US International School Teacher


‘Thank you for such a rewarding morning and eye opening experience’

Kelly – US Film Professor

‘I enjoyed your introduction to Chinese worldview very much. One could see that you are really enthusiastic about Chinese way of preserving health’

Bernd – German Event Manager


‘Thank you for the amazing walk/lesson in the Temple of Earth – There are few people that can be so charismatic and enthusiastic while teaching as you!’

Rafael – Brazilian Radiologist


‘Thanks for enlightening me on such a fascinating mix of history, philosophy, culture, and health knowledge’

Joy – US Communications & Public Affairs Director


‘It is always a pleasure to listen to someone passionate about his work’ 

Segolene, Belgian Chiropractor 


‘I have heard nothing but praise for your Masterful Class from my clients’

Hal – US Anesthetist & Tour Operator

‘Alex, my motivation comes from the excellent experience I had when I took your class. I truly believe it continues helping me with my health’

Norma – Mexican Teacher


” I attended your TCM morning park walk and found it to be an incredible experience “

Whitney – US Graduate Student

Thank you very much for the great time we have spent with you. You have helped us to understand China better, its philosophy, its working, its mentality! Every visit in your Hutong was an experience! As a matter of fact we both felt much better after your treatments!

Volkmar – Swiss geologist, PhD


I really enjoyed all of your sessions and your wisdom. It was great to meet you here in Beijing, you’ve given me so much, I absolutely wouldn’t feel so grounded here without your teachings.

Lynda – New Zealand Quality Manager

“High-level workshop, professional communications and customization with excellent implementation and participant feedback” 

Hans-Hermann Von-Lucke – Coaching & Leadership Training, Volkswagen China

“Our residents loved Alex and his wellness approach. He was organised, thorough and not afraid of providing beyond his scope of work to ensure the program was delivered in a professional manner. Alex has excellent understanding of wellness, both short and long-term programs.  The guests loved the integration of daily rhythm, exercise, bodywork, treatments, private-time, teachings together with a five-star wellness menu.”

Richard Yap – GM Aman Summer Palace, Beijing 

” I really enjoyed the positive health ideas and messages.  Thank you very much “

Pin – US CEO


‘I was a good opportunity to regroup and your talk inspired us to implement a number or positive changes as a result’

LuAnn M. Roberts – CPA