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Straight Bamboo’s Mission:

1. Promoting timeless principles of Chinese medicine

2. Exploring Chinese Medicine using an innovative modern wellness approach

3. Facilitating the steps from conceptual understanding into real action & results

Do you like the idea of staying healthy naturally through stimulating the body’s self-restorative abilities and preventive healthy living? Are you looking for something beyond a Western medicine diagnosis and pharmaceutical drugs? Have you considered Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine offers you a completely different way of seeing and treating your imbalance. Over three thousand years of observation, originating from a very different perspective on life, health and disease. Modalities include Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Bodywork and lifestyle advice.

The result is not only does your health condition improve, your whole life improves, better physical health, emotional resilience, relationships, productivity and life performance.

My clients deepen their understanding of how health is intimately linked to life. Imbalance acts as a guide, providing us an opportunity to better understand ourselves and improve our life. Clients learn preventative strategies that not only improve their health condition, but also facilitate greater life potential, higher purpose and better align themselves with the life they were meant to be living.

Three main pillars of Straight Bamboo:

1. Chinese Medicine Clinic

Straight Bamboo Chinese Medicine Clinic Beijing (est. 2009) relocated to Flagstaff Arizona (est. 2016) Straight Bamboo clinic specializes in:

  • Individualized and personal treatment with a focus on holistic health, effective communication & information
  • Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua-sha & Massage
  • Treatment and assistance designed to help you understand your imbalance and what you can do about it.
  • Lifestyle Consultation – How to gain greater health & happiness using ancient Chinese health knowledge; for people who want to increase health awareness and discover balance through positive lifestyle interventions

Alex combines treatment with Chinese medicine based suggestions in daily rhythm, dietary therapy, Qi Gong, positive psychology combined with ancient wisdom… all uniquely customized for you and your health condition.

For more on the clinic and services – click here

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2. Corporate Wellness

Straight Bamboo’s wellness consultancy guides people to lead physically, mentally as well as spiritually healthier lifestyles. We advise both individuals and organizations on healthier lifestyle choices in various areas including energy management, nutrition, exercise and stress management.

Straight Bamboo is about LTO (long-term orientation) wellness creating customized corporate modules that have real impact and adequate support and follow up giving the greatest potential for authentic change.

  1. Corporate Training Workshops

To help participants become more productive and effective under pressure and to achieve it without compromising their personal health and happiness. We love a challenge and prefer to customize to suit the needs of the company. We suggest pre-course survey and interviews as well as follow-up sessions to ensure all relevant parties are involved in this process for maximum effect.

  1. Retreat/Hotel Wellness

For the Retreat/Hotel and hospitality industry, we are focused on creating and consulting on wellness retreats and workshops. We love diversity in our works and understand the challenges of running short-term wellness programs that deliver long-term impact and brand value.

For more on Corporate Wellness – click here

3. Online Education

Straight Bamboo is about creating a comprehensive online platform for people to better understand Chinese medicine and its philosophy. This online multimedia platform explores health, wellness and spirituality through a lens of Chinese medicine using articles, videos, courses and workshops etc.

This innovative online education platform is a unique blend of philosophy, ancient wisdom and practical information. It is designed to inspire modern educated individuals towards positive healthy lifestyles through pragmatic understanding of ancient health wisdom.

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Straight Bamboo is all about proactive health and wellness. Grounded in the 5000-years of experience of Chinese Medicine and delivered with a clean, innovative, modern wellness approach.

We are thankful to our clients for choosing Straight Bamboo and letting us bring them the best possible wellness solutions.

Where did Straight Bamboo come from?

Alex clinic door

Alex Tan L.AC. created Straight Bamboo as a platform to bring the best of ancient wisdom and Chinese medicine to our modern lives. Alex is a Chinese medicine expert who provides consultancy, lectures, workshops and trainings as well as running a busy Chinese Medicine clinic in Flagstaff Arizona.

Alex Tan L.AC. is a licensed Acupuncturist. After completing his degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Alex lived and practiced Chinese Medicine for 10-years in Beijing, China. A native-born Australian, the son of his Australian mother and Chinese father, Alex’s bi-cultural heritage helps him skillfully bridge Eastern and Western health perspectives. He believes the true power of Chinese medicine lies in a balanced approach towards prevention and treatment. Rooted in Chinese Medicine observation based theory & methodology over millenniums, Alex’s talent lies in delivering these Eastern healing modalities to his modern Western clients.

Alex believes that this process, a deeper connection with the content, and ongoing support is a key to initiate authentic personal change.

Each person owns their health and spirituality and every life is personal. We must also recognize that to achieve our true potential… we all need help. I feel Chinese Medicine and Daoism provide a great foundation, the calendar, the philosophy, the rituals, the wellness, the medicine – at it’s core, simply accepting that we are part of nature! Straight Bamboo’s mission is to examine the aspects of spiritual life which contain concepts that can fruitfully be applied to problems of secular society, to provide the structure and organization of those principles and a process that guides modern educated people to achieve greater health, happiness, productivity and fulfillment!  – Alex Tan L.AC.

Alex guides and skillfully facilitates the first necessary steps from conceptual understanding into real action. Alex believes effective wellness programs are about creating greater levels of quality education and awareness, in combination with adequate levels of support and follow-up.

This combination of quality content, process and follow-up provides the greatest potential for genuine personal change and growth – an effective wellness program.

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We are all here on a mission… and that mission is self-improvement!


Straight Bamboo Pyramid