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Straight Bamboo Code of Ethics

  1. We shall act in the client’s best interest while providing health care.
  2. We respect the rights and dignity of all individuals and aspire to the highest level of integrity and compassion in dealing with each client.
  3. We strive to keep the client best informed by explaining procedures, treatments and outcomes, in knowing that open and honest communication provides the foundation for a healthy professional relationship.
  4. The client has the absolute right to refuse, or request additional information on, any treatment or advice.
  5. We listen to and respect a client’s values, opinions, needs and cultural beliefs. We seek to understand first and then be understood.
  6. We treat clients with a non-judgmental approach and focus on solutions that best promote balance under the Chinese Medicine premise: “when the human body is kept in harmonious balance… health and wellbeing will naturally be maintained”
  7. We maintain professional boundaries, keep accurate records, as well as safeguard the client’s right to confidentiality – personal & health information.
  8. We bill clients and third parties honestly and fairly and would never receive any personal benefits solely for referring patients or prescribing specific products.
  9. We honor the Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture – Arizona State & NCCAOM – Codes of Ethics.
  10. We strive to use our health care resources in the best way to benefit our clients as well as the community we live in.