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Where Are We Now?

Start of Summer

立夏 » Lìxià – literally translated as ‘Start of Summer’ is the 7th solar term. There are six terms in each season, so this is the first solar term of summer. The hustle of spring starts to settle into a more relaxing summer rhythm.

The first stage of a season sets the tone for the whole season. Over these fifteen days nature is going to become noticeably more attractive. Colors will become brighter, the temperature more agreeable, and the environment more pleasant. And to come into alignment with this seasonal phase, show some personal charm and feel the joy it inspires.

‘Start of Summer’ begins when the Sun reaches the celestial longitude of 45° (Middle Taurus) – May 5 and ends when it reaches the longitude of 60° (start Gemini) – May 21.

The Three Pentads:

    • ‘Little frogs peep’
    • ‘Worms come forth’
    • ‘Cucurbit flourishes’

Note for the Southern Hemisphere:

立冬 » Lìdōng literally translated as the ‘start of winter’. Lìdōng is the first of the six seasonal phases that constitute the season of winter. Being at the three-quarter point in a cycle, the general theme at this point in a cycle is that we start to see the ‘home-stretch’ and we feel a renewal of energy to see us through to the finish line. Be aware of this and use this energy wisely.

The Three Pentads (5-day pentads within this 15 day solar term):

    • 水始冰 » ‘Water begins to freeze’
    • 地始凍 » ‘Earth begins to harden’
    • 雉入大水為蜃 » ‘Pheasants become clams’