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Alex Tan L.Ac

    20+ years practice in Chinese Medicine
    25+ years practice in QiGong
    3,500+ hrs combined in Acupuncture, Clinical and Biomedical training
    BHSc(TCM) from University of Technology Sydney
    10 years practice in Beijing, China
    State of Arizona Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac)
    Certified by National Certification Commission (NCCAOM)

Straight Bamboo Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinic

Do you like the idea of staying healthy naturally through stimulating the body’s self-restorative abilities and preventive healthy living? Are you looking for something beyond a Western medicine diagnosis and pharmaceutical drugs? Have you considered Chinese medicine?

We offer services related to the clinical branch of Chinese Medicine.



Alex was traditionally trained in TCM and spent 10-years in China and now uses a combination of traditional training, Dr Tan’s Balance Method along with Master Tung points.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Alex uses Classical Pearls from Heiner Fruehauf as well as the highest quality Taiwanese SUNTEN Chinese Herbal Granules. Other Pills and Capsules also available.


Asian Bodywork

Includes Medical Massage, Cupping & Guasha. Currently, Alex only provides Guasha (often referred to as spooning or myofascial scraping).

Monthly Special

60-min Acupuncture Treatment

Start The Spring With A Fresh Approach To Your Health!

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