This article is primarily about helping you prepare, make and enjoy tasty porridge. On a higher level, I would like to help you see this humble ‘soggy meal’ in a different light. Let’s explore the health ideas behind porridge and to seek out an appreciation and respect for the dietary wisdom of our ancestors.

If you have European ancestors, there is a good change they ate oatmeal in the morning. If you are from Asia, rice porridges or rice soup noodles are the staple morning cuisine. If your ethnicity originated from the America’s it was most likely corn meal, known as grits. From Persia, more wheat-meals. Many African’s traditionally start the day with millet porridge. Russian’s more from Barley porridge. Pacific Islanders eat taro root porridge.

‘Remember, the emphasis of Chinese dietary therapy is not high nutrition. It is first, ease-of-digestion… there is nothing easier for a human to digest than porridge!’

Why did so many ancient cultures believe porridge was so important?
Why in Chinese medicine is white rice porridge considered to be the most beneficial base meal or staple?


The Practical:

How To Make White Rice, Black Rice, Millet, or Other Heavy Grain Porridges
How To Make Oat Porridge
Extra Tips


Alex believes that low-carbohydrate diets leave people less emotionally stable and less grounded. Staples provide stability. Grains deeply nourish the earthly part of ourselves – our physical body – in order for our heavenly part – our consciousness – to stay well seated in our heart, where it should be to bring out our best.

In Chinese medicine philosophy, the daily rhythm and rituals hold the key to staying in balance. Breakfast represents the start and an opportunity to start well. As well as creating the energy required for the day, we are repetitively stoking the ‘digestive-fire’ with warm easy-to-digest foods creating the platform for good digestion.

Alex believes that ‘Zhou’ is like an ancient god of the stomach. Porridge is a secret ingredient for good digestion and that ‘glue’, that it produces, lines the stomach and intestines on a daily basis – supporting and facilitating good digestion. Good digestion means good Qi and Blood. Good Qi and Blood means you have a good chance of living out your full potential. Living your full potential means you are living in accordance with your design and living out your destiny. A simple, yet powerful, step to keep you on your path – porridge for breakfast every morning!

If you want to feel good, start the day with porridge!

A typical rice cooker that also has a timer and porridge/soup function. Perfect for preparing rice/millet porridges the night before, so you wake up and it is on warming ready to go!

Proactive health approaches start in the morning… or even the night before!

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