The Skilful Use Of Water To Promote Health

The Chinese character 活 ‘huó’ meaning ‘life’ reflects the profound need of all life forms for water. There are two radicals in this character 活 huó. The left radical ‘氵’ means ‘water’. The right radical ’舌’ is the ‘tongue’.

Water 氵+ Tongue 舌 = Life 活

The body is eighty-five percent water. The basic component of our blood, and our cells, is water. When the water in the body is in balance, the skin is soft and glowing and the body is strong, supple and resistant to injury. The joints are well lubricated so that they function smoothly. The mouth produces plentiful saliva, like drops of clear, fresh liquid, there is no sensation of thirst and the appetite and bodyweight is well regulated.

Modern healthcare promotes high-tech, high-cost solutions to treat problems. I prefer to focus on the proactive, low-tech, low-cost solutions to promote health. With sufficient interest and motivation, you will achieve a superior result.

These days we often use Chinese medicine within a modern healthcare framework, that is to focus on treating problems and disease. In fact, the greatest practitioner of Chinese Medicine over the last 2000-years, 孫思邈 Sūn Sīmiǎo emphasises,

‘Only when your diet and lifestyle fail, should you use herbs and acupuncture’

It is my belief that his approach is correct and the true power of Chinese medicine is in the preventative.

Chinese medicine is a treasure trove of techniques and methods to support the underlying assumption,

‘When the human body is kept in harmonious balance, health and wellbeing will naturally be maintained’

In this article, our focus is on the skilful use of water.

I have experienced so many clients, as well as myself, benefit from these low-tech, low-cost solutions to promoting and maintaining health on a daily basis. Many of these points you will recognise from everyday Chinese culture, or perhaps your own traditional culture, and they are all associated with Chinese Medicine.

Let’s explore how the Chinese traditionally use hot and cold water to promote health.:

1. Water as a precious medium

2. A glass of hot water in the morning

3. Learn to treasure soup, stew and porridge

4. Saliva as a measure of health:

5. Use hot showers wisely

6. Avoid icy drinks

7. Drink more water if not feeling well, but be careful

Don’t believe me or not believe me, try it for yourself! Remember, with wellness-orientated ideas, you do achieve superior results but they do take time and rely on repetitive input. Give it a go for three-months before you make an assessment.

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