Tea, Life & Health – Through Chinese Eyes

In the Orient, health and enjoyment are viewed as inseparable, entwined by the fact that to enjoy life you need to be healthy. The Chinese have been pondering and writing about the link between life, pleasure and health for thousands of years.

Our aim in this article is to give you an insight into the history, development and uses of tea as a Chinese herb and its relationship to health from a Chinese perspective. We will explore how Asian people have used tea for thousands of years to promote internal harmony and thus greater health and wellbeing.

Historically, culturally and therapeutically, the tea plant is one of the most fascinating of all medicinal herbs. It is the most widely consumed herb in the world, for the most part in the form of green and black tea, though other types and herbal blends are also popular. Beginning as a medicine, tea has developed into a cultural beverage and, one could even say, a lifestyle.

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