The Beijing Cold & Flu Book


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Product Description

The Beijing Cold & Flu Book

The Easy to Use Guide of Prepared Chinese Herbal Medicine to Treat Cold & Flu

After 10-years in China as a qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Educator, Alex addresses one of the most common questions he gets in an easy-to-use self guide. That is: What Chinese herbs do I buy when I have a Cold & Flu?

Like the answer to most Chinese questions… it depends! Alex’s engineering and modern science background sensed he must be able to create a guide for people to be self sufficient in treating such a common condition like colds & flu’s.

This book gives you the best chance to select the right Chinese herbal formula to transform a cold & flu as quickly and effectively as possible, or even avoiding the cold & flu all together.

Packed full of other information: ingredients; tips and notes on each formula; how to understand Cold & flu from a Chinese Medicine perspective as well as traditional remedies and more.

This book is designed with the modern international person in mind. For those of you who are interested in Chinese Medicine and looking for a practical way to better your understanding, this book can be very useful.

If you’re keen to manage cold & flu with Chinese Medicine – then this book is definitely for you!


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