Alex’s keystone workshop condensing 15+ years of research and practice

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  • Unpacking 5000 years of Chinese Medicine health philosophy

  • Master the 8 Golden Treasures Qi Gong

  • Integrate this wisdom into your daily life, sowing the seeds for personal growth and transformation

Promise:  When you complete the workshop you will have a foundation understanding of the concepts of Chinese health, Chinese medicine and Daoism and you will be proficient in an authentic set of Qi Gong exercises. This gives you the most important framework that you will use to take you to higher levels of health and wellness leaving you with the motivation and ability to include these positive rhythms into your daily life.

Each class – 3-hours (total 3-sessions). Half the workshop will focus on the practical component aimed at becoming proficient in a set of Qi Gong exercises called the Eight Golden Treasures (ba duan jin). The other half will be orientated around a structured discussion topic aimed at stimulating heath awareness along with practical tips utilizing ancient Chinese wisdom.

Flagstaff Arizona ESB Workshop – at The Yoga Experience – Special 50% discount:

For more information come along to the ‘Unpacking 5000-years of Chinese Medicine Health Philosophy’Saturday September 19th, 11am-12pm – $5 (bring a friend for free and if you decide to join the workshop i will refund this $5).

Three-Session Workshop dates:

Session 1 – Saturday Oct 3, 2015 – 10am-1pm:

10-11am – Chinese Medicine Prevention & Life Rhythms

11-12pm- 8 Golden Treasures Qi Gong – Movements 1 & 2 & 3

12-1pm – Daoism & Breathing

Session 2 – Saturday Oct 17, 2015 – 10am-1pm:

10-11am – Resting & Eating – Chinese Dietary Therapy

11-12pm – 8 Golden Treasures Qi Gong – Movements 4 & 5 & 6

12-1pm – Exercise & Meridians

Session 3 – Saturday Oct 31, 2015 – 10am-1pm:

10-11am – Thinking & Observing

11-12pm – 8 Golden Treasures Qi Gong – Movements 7 & 8

12-1pm – Rationalising Spirituality & Integrating the 5 Noble Activities

Fee: Full price $249, Special first workshop in Flagstaff 50% off – $125 – including all 3-sessions, workbook, follow-up emails, as well as access to the Eat Sleep Breathe portal of online video and audio resources – maximum 25 people

For registrations email The Yoga Experience

Teacher: Alex Tan – Qualified TCM Practitioner & Educator – just arrived in Flagstaff after 10-years in China

Following workshops 2015:

To be announced or for private workshops – email Alex

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I would really like to attend but can't make all the scheduled dates?
Can I come to just one class or the classes that the topics I am interested in?
I am not 100% sure - Can I come, or bring a friend, to the first class to see and then make a decision?
If I am registered for the workshop and have visitors or family in town, can I bring them along?