Public Workshops – Personal Wellness

Our wellness workshops are designed to allow you to immerse yourself in a new perspective of health and learning. We seek to empower people through the learning of preventative health information and practices that allow a better understanding of the relationship between our environment, lifestyle and health. Our aim is to help you discover the power of Chinese Medicine for restoring and maintaining balance, health and happiness.

Alex’s keystone workshop about Chinese Medicine and Promoting Life & Health

Eat, Sleep, Breathe
3-hours x 3-session workshop
– Unpacking 5000 years of Chinese Medicine health philosophy
– Master the 8 Golden Treasures Qi Gong
– Integrate this wisdom into your daily life, sowing the seeds for personal growth and transformation

You can find out more by attending

60-mins, $5

Alex welcomes you to a presentation on the timeless keys of Chinese Health Preservation by exploring the central concepts and theory at the heart of Chinese Medicine philosophy – Daoism.

For more, try these inspiring introductions to Chinese Medicine:

TCM Dietary Therapy – Part 1 Food Energetics
90-mins, next scheduled to be announced
How is nutrition explained in the East? What are the key differences? Can we use this information in a practical sense? Qi is simultaneously energy, consciousness and information. Human Beings are designed to feel the Qi of the Earth using their senses – the colours, shapes, flavours and fragrances. If you eat steamed dumplings, why must it come with a soup or porridge? Why should we eat more bitter foods in winter? Why do people in the hot-humid regions love spicy food?

TCM Dietary Therapy – Part 2: Eat well and stay healthy the TCM way
90-mins,  by request
Find out how we use Chinese food energetic information in a practical sense to harmonize seasonal change, or your own personal imbalances according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Benefits of Breathwork
90-mins, next scheduled to be announced
Breathing is a master key to the self-healing. We will explore the dynamics and methods of breathing well from both an ancient Eastern and modern medicine point of view

Introduction to Chinese Herbs
90-mins, next scheduled to be announced
Ever wanted to know how to use all those Chinese medicines on the shelf in the local pharmacy? How does herbal medicine work?