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Journey Into Chinese Medicine

by Alex Tan 6 Lessons in $19.95

Lesson 1 Free. This is a journey into Chinese medicine using an ancient Ming dynasty altar in Beijing as the setting. Explore the role of the Emperor in these ancient ceremonies, how that relates to Daoism and how this forms the heart of Chinese culture and Chinese medicine philosophy.

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Promoting Life & Health

by Alex Tan 6 Lessons in $19.95 $4.95

Lessons 1 FREE. This is a video course to help you grasp the key concepts of Chinese Medicine prevention and how to start using its real power. Alex believes the real power of Chinese Medicine lies in the prevention and it's philosophy. The theory and methodology: 'This is the genius of Chinese medicine!' Alex guides you to the first steps on this journey. Take a look and find out more...

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Eat Sleep Breathe - Online Portal- Password Protected

by Alex Tan 9 Lessons in $249.00

This is a password protected video and audio resource for paying students who are attending, or have attended, the Eat Sleep Breathe Workshop by Alex Tan. It gives you videos to refine Qi Gong practice along with audio on the individual lessons in case you missed a class or you would like to review what was discussed.

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