The very nature of excitement is to stimulate the senses. This stimulation of the ‘earthly’ senses disrupts the ‘heavenly’ balance between mind-body-spirit. Whether from positive or negative influences, when equilibrium within the mind-body-spirit is disturbed, the fulcrum of the energy field shifts away from the ‘shining mind’ toward the ‘conscious mind’. When our energy field focus is anchored in the ‘conscious mind’, the ‘shining mind’ and real knowledge are naturally obscured.

Excitement and glamour are very powerful distractions that feed an increasing urge for sensorial stimulation

Given that pleasure is more desirable than pain, it is easy to see why we enjoy this stimulation. However, the thirst for stimulation, when unbalanced, breeds misery. Misery naturally flows from the pursuit of pleasure because the pursuit of pleasure and desire can never be satiated. Left unsatisfied, one can be effortlessly drawn into the pursuit of entertainments and distractions, which can temporarily alleviate dissatisfaction. This is an age-old vicious cycle.