Winter Flu Season Foods & Tea

According to modern bio-medicine, viruses generally cause cold and flu. While Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) also recognizes the presence of external pathogens, it has a unique way of viewing – as well as treating – these pathogens. TCM also understands the vital role that both the external environment that we live in, as well as our internal emotional environment, can play in our immunity to disease. When the Cold and Flu season strikes, TCM understands the effects that over-exposure to the elements – wind, heat, cold, damp, dryness – can have on the body, and it categorizes the kinds of diseases that may invade our bodies at that time as “Exogenous Pathogens”—e.g. “Wind Heat” or “Wind Cold”—according to the way that they mimic the effects of the climatic conditions as they storm though our bodies.

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