Corporate Training – QI5 Respond vs React

QI5 is designed as a compact 4-hour course in health and energy management for corporate staff, management and executives.

Learning objectives:

To help participants become more productive and effective under pressure and to achieve it without compromising their personal health and happiness

QI5 – Respond vs React:

High performance and sustainable active engagement requires a long-term orientated health strategy that gives the individual the best chance for success, happiness and productivity.

Essentially, that the body-mind-spirit integration is business relevant, it operates as a whole and needs the right environment to thrive.

Designed to create leading high performance teams and individuals, the QI5 Course begins by emphasizing the connection between metaphysical ideas and personal purpose using daily behaviors to help ensure alignment. Balancing energy investments with what nourishes us at the deepest level is a critical component to skillful energy management. Participants in the course are guided by the wisdom of Chinese medicine to strengthen and align energy across all four dimensions: physical, emotional, relationship, and spirit.

This multi-disciplinary approach helps them to become physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and better aligned with whatever mission is most important to them.

The QI5 course is based on the ancient wisdom of the Chinese, an observation based science that modern science is only now beginning to recognise. QI5 is firmly rooted in Chinese Medicine preventative health and integrates modern education and workshop tools and follow-up to ensure participants get the most out of it.

QI5 is a 4-hour course – can be done in 1 x 4-hour session or 2 x 2-hour sessions

Possible to customise to the needs of the company, add pre-course survey and interviews as well as follow-up sessions