High performance and sustainable active engagement requires a long-term orientated health strategy that gives the individual the best chance for success, happiness and productivity.

Essentially, the body-mind-spirit integration is business relevant, it operates as a whole and needs the right environment to thrive.

My client’s deepen their understanding of how health is intimately linked to life. Imbalance acts as a guide, providing us an opportunity to better understand ourselves and improve our life. The result is not only does your health condition improve, your whole life improves, better physical health, emotional resilience, better relationships, productivity and life performance.

This multi-disciplinary approach helps them to become physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and better aligned with whatever mission is most important to them.

Straight Bamboo is about LTO (long-term orientation) wellness creating customized corporate modules that have real impact and adequate support and follow up giving the greatest potential for authentic change.

“The central issue for human beings is how we can combat our reluctance to act upon ideas which we have already fully understood at a theoretical level”  –  Alex Tan

1. Corporate Training Workshops

“High-level workshop, professional communications and customization with excellent implementation and participant feedback” 

Hans-Hermann Von-Lucke – Coaching & Leadership Training, Volkswagen China

2. Retreat/Hotel Wellness



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