• Chapter 1 of the Yellow Emperors Canon - 200BCE

The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon – Chapter 1 – The Universal Truth

The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon 黄帝内经 Huángdì Nèijīng
The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon is an ancient Chinese medical text that has been treated as the fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese Medicine for more than two millennia. The work is composed of two texts each of eighty-one chapters or treatises in a question-and-answer format between the […]

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  • A Chinese Medicine Perspective on Cooked vs Raw Foods

Cooked vs Raw Foods

A Chinese Medicine Perspective on Cooked vs Raw Foods

Ever wondered why Chinese people prefer to eat cooked food, drink warm water, and talk about how raw salad, fruit and juice are too ‘cold’ and not good for digestion?

The answer lies with better understanding how digestion works from a Chinese medicine perspective. Chinese Medicine sees life […]

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  • How We Look At Health: Eastern & Western Health Perspectives

Healthy Living – The Asian Way

How We Look At Health: Eastern & Western Health Perspectives

The way we see health and illness and perceive problems in our body has a great influence on how we approach and treat our own health conditions. This ‘health perspective’ also largely determines how we relate these conditions to our lifestyle and the conscious choices […]

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  • This is a list of books I recommend beginners to Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine Literature Guide for Beginners

Chinese Medicine General

The Web that has no Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine [Ted Kaptchuk]
Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine [Harriet Beinfield, Efrem Korngold]

Preventative Health – Health Cultivation/preservation

Listen to Your Body: The Wisdom of Dao [Andrew Powell, Dr. Bisong Guo]
China’s Traditional Way of Health Preservation [Zeng Qingnan, Liu Daoqing]
Health and […]

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  • Winter Flu Season Foods & Tea

Flu Season Foods & Teas

Winter Flu Season Foods & Tea
According to modern bio-medicine, viruses generally cause cold and flu. While Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) also recognizes the presence of external pathogens, it has a unique way of viewing – as well as treating – these pathogens. TCM also understands the vital role that both the external environment that […]

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  • Alex & Straight Bamboo Bid Farewell to Beijing

Lao Tan (Alex) leaves the capital!

Alex has sensed longer-term Qi changes in the cosmos and after 10-years in the capital, 6-years of full-time practice at the Hutong, he has chosen to relocate the family and his Chinese medicine practice to his wife’s hometown, Flagstaff, Arizona.

China Chapter – age 32-42 – What a journey it has been! What an influence […]

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