• The Unity of Humans and Nature

Human Beings: A Reflection of the Living Cosmos

We usually think of our bodies as complete in themselves, separate from the air we breathe and the ground we walk on. It is true that the body is a whole universe in itself. But it is part and parcel of the total universe in which we live and to which we are connected […]

  • Lethargy & Apathy in Summer?

Spleen Cleaning

Lethargy & Apathy in Summer?

Welcome to the world of the Spleen in Chinese Medicine. What has this seemingly insignificant organ got to do with my health, life and well-being?

The organs of summer (fire) are the heart and small intestine and later in the season, the Spleen and Stomach (earth). The Spleen and Stomach are […]

  • How Chinese Medicine Can Help Treat Autoimmune Disease

Treating Autoimmune Diseases with Chinese Medicine

Lupus, Celiac, MS, Alopecia, Crohn’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis. You may have heard these conditions or know someone who has one of these conditions. They are all types of autoimmune disease.
The National Institute of Health (NIH) estimates 23.5 million people in the United States are living with an autoimmune disease. This NIH statistic only includes […]

  • How Fruit and Vegetables are different in Chinese Medicine!

A Fruit Is Not A Vegetable!

When I ask my clients about their diet, they tell me they eat healthy – “Alex, you don’t have to worry about my diet as I eat lots of fruit and vegetables”. However, when I examine the details of their diet, they eat a lot of fruit and salad and relatively few cooked vegetables, […]

  • My Hay Fever Symptoms Are Getting Worse, What Can I Do? - Ask Alex The Acupuncturist

My Hay Fever Symptoms Are Getting Worse, What Can I Do?

Ask Alex The Acupuncturist
Question From A Client:
At this time of year in Northern Arizona, I usually get mild hay fever symptoms, but over the years I feel it has become much worse. I seem to have become more sensitive to everything – pollen, dust, pet hair! Is there anything I can do other than […]

  • Lets Talk about ‘Low Carb Diets’ - Ask Alex the Acupuncturist

Lets Talk about ‘Low Carb Diets’

Ask Alex the Acupuncturist
Question from a client:
I steadily lost about 8 pounds over the 5-months I was on the low-carb diet. I went from NoCarb to LowCarb to SlowCarb. So when I came home last summer, I put back most of it back on – by eating carbs! My host kept making the most amazing spaghettini carbonara […]

  • Cupping - Ancient Healing Method

What Exactly Are Those Red Circles On Michael Phelps?

We have recently seen cupping marks, or what appears to be tennis ball size circular reddish/bluish marks on Michael Phelps and other Olympic athletes. There are a number of names and explanations for what these marks are. Let’s take a closer look at this and the history related to this ancient health remedy.

Along with […]

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  • The Skilful Use Of Water To Promote Health

Water As Medicine

The Skilful Use Of Water To Promote Health
The Chinese character 活 ‘huó’ meaning ‘life’ reflects the profound need of all life forms for water. There are two radicals in this character 活 huó. The left radical ‘氵’ means ‘water’. The right radical ’舌’ is the ‘tongue’.

Water 氵+ Tongue 舌 = Life 活

The body is […]

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  • Ageing - Life As A Forced State


Life As A Forced State


Think of life as a forced state. The norm in nature is a state of equilibrium with the environment. A forced state (extortion) means that it possesses a higher energy potential than that of the environment, like a light globe or the sun. A forced state is a state of […]

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  • Complexion - Reflections from the Interior


Reflections From the Interior
Chinese medicine is based on an idea that the body’s external manifestations can give us clues to the workings of the internal system of the body. In fact, Daoism, the philosophy that lies at the heart of Chinese medicine, suggests that all external manifestations in the physical world are secondary, and […]

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