Lifelong Learners

Straight Bamboo welcomes lifelong learner, those of us who believe  in ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge and wisdom never ends. I hope we can support you appreciate diverse cultural perspectives from a creative and innovative platform – through the lens of health, more specifically Chinese Medicine.

We choose China and the East deliberately as I, and maybe you, am from the developed ‘Western’ countries (Europe or its branches – Australia, Canada or the US) which are considered mostly analytical and individual-orientated cultures. It is useful for us to explore the opposite to better understand our own biases, in this case, relational and group-orientated cultures. China is a great starting point.

Using health and medicine as a medium we explore cultural perspectives – our own biases – that can assist us gain a better understanding and appreciation for differences in cultures and individuals. The most important aspect is that we gain a greater understanding of our own cultural biases and can appreciate there are other ways of ‘seeing’ that may benefit us and others. Exploring other ways of seeing can facilitate this process and then can be applied in so many different ways and settings according to your own interests and profession.

To start, we offer you  a free video – Analytical vs Relational Sciences – 6 minutes

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For monthly teachings – On the new moon you will receive an ancient Eastern teaching, guiding you towards a higher-view of life & health. Your subscription will be handled with honour, respect and integrity – you can subscribe to the top right corner of this page ‘Follow Straight Bamboo’.

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Straight Bamboo Team