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  • Analytical vs Relational Science

More About the Bricks, or More about the Mortar? Part 2 – Medicine

In Part 1 we explored the cultural differences, Individual vs Group-Identity. Lets now explore how this is connected to our ideas of science and medicine.

Analytical vs Relational Science

Biomedicine is culturally rooted on the ideas of ‘individualism’. The Western world developed an analytical science that tried to understand things by isolating and identifying their constituent elements.

Biomedical-Analytical […]

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  • Individualism vs Group-Identity

More About the Bricks, or More about the Mortar? Part 1 – Culture

Individualism vs Group-Identity

A Chinese and an American are sharing a dorm room with three others. The American is playing very loud music. He says to the Chinese roommate, “does my music bother you?”

The Chinese, being from a culture that does not usually declare their own preference or say directly what he thinks, naturally responds, […]

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  • Moving from Product to Pattern Thinking

Patterns of Life, Patterns of Thought, Patterns of Nature

Joseph Needham (1900-1994), the great historian of Chinese science, summarizes the Chinese view of causation this way:
“Conceptions are not subsumed under one another but placed side by side in a pattern, and things influence one another not by acts of mechanical causation, but by a kind of ‘inductance’… The key-word in Chinese thought is […]

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  • Cupping - Ancient Healing Method

What Exactly Are Those Red Circles On Michael Phelps?

We have recently seen cupping marks, or what appears to be tennis ball size circular reddish/bluish marks on Michael Phelps and other Olympic athletes. There are a number of names and explanations for what these marks are. Let’s take a closer look at this and the history related to this ancient health remedy.

Along with […]

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  • The Horse Lover - Another classic story from Zhuang Zi 300BCE

The Horse Lover

Zhuang Zi

As many of you know, I love the stories from Zhuang Zi (Chuang Tzu). He was a sage that stood apart from others in Chinese history. He was a unique presence, who was well known for his deep understanding of the Dao (Tao) and sense of humour. A great mind that lived twenty-four […]

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  • The Skilful Use Of Water To Promote Health

Water As Medicine

The Skilful Use Of Water To Promote Health
The Chinese character 活 ‘huó’ meaning ‘life’ reflects the profound need of all life forms for water. There are two radicals in this character 活 huó. The left radical ‘氵’ means ‘water’. The right radical ’舌’ is the ‘tongue’.

Water 氵+ Tongue 舌 = Life 活

The body is […]

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  • Ageing - Life As A Forced State


Life As A Forced State


Think of life as a forced state. The norm in nature is a state of equilibrium with the environment. A forced state (extortion) means that it possesses a higher energy potential than that of the environment, like a light globe or the sun. A forced state is a state of […]

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  • Complexion - Reflections from the Interior


Reflections From the Interior
Chinese medicine is based on an idea that the body’s external manifestations can give us clues to the workings of the internal system of the body. In fact, Daoism, the philosophy that lies at the heart of Chinese medicine, suggests that all external manifestations in the physical world are secondary, and […]

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  • What’s So Special About Rhythm?

Gotta Have Rhythm!

What’s So Special About Rhythm?
Daily Rhythm – The Chinese Clock
The physicians of ancient China strongly emphasized the importance of ‘regular life rhythm’ and ‘living in accordance with the universe’ for maintaining health and longevity.

Regular life rhythm is the first and most important key to health and longevity in Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine is based […]

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  • Chapter 1 of the Yellow Emperors Canon - 200BCE

The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon – Chapter 1 – The Universal Truth

The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon 黄帝内经 Huángdì Nèijīng
The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon is an ancient Chinese medical text that has been treated as the fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese Medicine for more than two millennia. The work is composed of two texts each of eighty-one chapters or treatises in a question-and-answer format between the […]

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