• Alex & Straight Bamboo Bid Farewell to Beijing

Lao Tan (Alex) leaves the capital!

Alex has sensed longer-term Qi changes in the cosmos and after 10-years in the capital, 6-years of full-time practice at the Hutong, he has chosen to relocate the family and his Chinese medicine practice to his wife’s hometown, Flagstaff, Arizona.

China Chapter – age 32-42 – What a journey it has been! What an influence […]

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  • New Moon Teaching 8 - Hard Work

Hard Work

Hard work means denying laziness and the earthly pull to be self-indulgent. It is easy to slacken off when the tension is released. It is more difficult to sustain awareness in times of relative ease. To work hard is to do the best one can possibly do at all times. It takes application of […]

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