• More Talks at a Monastery - By Xiaoyao Xingzhe

More Talks at a Monastery – By Xiaoyao Xingzhe

Daoist supplementary reading 2 – More Talks at a Monastery


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  • Alex & Straight Bamboo Bid Farewell to Beijing

Lao Tan (Alex) leaves the capital!

Alex has sensed longer-term Qi changes in the cosmos and after 10-years in the capital, 6-years of full-time practice at the Hutong, he has chosen to relocate the family and his Chinese medicine practice to his wife’s hometown, Flagstaff, Arizona.

China Chapter – age 32-42 – What a journey it has been! What an influence […]

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  • New Moon Teaching 11- The Nature of Excitement

The Nature of Excitement

The very nature of excitement is to stimulate the senses. This stimulation of the ‘earthly’ senses disrupts the ‘heavenly’ balance between mind-body-spirit. Whether from positive or negative influences, when equilibrium within the mind-body-spirit is disturbed, the fulcrum of the energy field shifts away from the ‘shining mind’ toward the ‘conscious mind’. When our energy […]

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