Alexander K Tan, BHlthSc(TCM), L.AC. is the owner and founder of Straight Bamboo. Alex is a Chinese medicine expert who provides consultancy, lectures, workshops and trainings as well as running a busy Chinese Medicine Clinic. Alex has a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been studying and practicing Chinese Medicine since 2002. Alex has also been practicing Qi Gong since 1996.

With a keen interest in Chinese medicine and preventative health practices, Alex travelled to China in 2005 where he practiced Chinese Medicine for 10-years. Many years prior to formal study, Alex’s engineering background and fascination with Western Science at the highest level led him to relational ideas in ancient Eastern philosophy. This connection and realization inspired him to eventually see life and health through the lens of Chinese medicine.

‘Chinese Medicine and its philosophy have been like a set of glasses through which I now view all of life. It’s given me incredible insight – a sense that we are both responsible and accountable for the way in which we handle life. Each particular element in our experience sends out an endless series of ripples throughout the cosmos’

Alex believes the true power of Chinese medicine lies in a balanced approach towards prevention and treatment… its theory and methodology. Alex’s talent lies in understanding and translating ancient health wisdom, then delivering it in a structured way to his modern clients. He strongly believes that this process, experiencing a deeper connection with the content, and  ongoing support are keys to initiate authentic personal change. Alex skilfully facilitates the first steps from conceptual understanding into real action.

‘Effective wellness programs are about creating the ‘right mix’ of quality content, process and follow-up providing the greatest chance for genuine personal change and growth’

Alex is a unique combination of ancient wisdom and modern science. He is a native English speaker with a Chinese heritage who understands Chinese language and culture and both Asian and ‘non-Asian’ perspectives. Alex is originally from Sydney, and after 10-years in China has relocated to Flagstaff, Arizona (wife’s hometown) July 2015.

For more information on the Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinic in Flagstaff, Arizona – click here. For more on Straight Bamboo’s mission click here

Alex’s aim is to help you discover the transformative power of Eastern Health practices for restoring, maintaining and promoting balance, health and happiness.

‘The wisdom of Chinese medicine facilitates a higher view of life and health… a deeper understanding of our ourselves and our environment. This new perspective guides us to greater states of health, productivity and fulfilment’


There is only one thing that Alex is more dedicated to than teaching and practicing Eastern philosophy and health… that is his wife, Celestina, and their three children.