1. Helps you better understand Chinese Medicine using a creative modern wellness context and approach
  2. Guides you to a deeper understanding of the philosophy that underpins it – Daosim
  3. Motivates you towards a higher-view of life, health and relationships via exploring your own metaphysical infrastructure and guiding you to greater states of health, wellness, productivity and fulfillment in order to give you the best chance to live out your true potential!

SB will create a platform of online education (articles, videos, courses, workshops etc) about Health/wellness/spirituality through the lens of Daoism and Chinese medicine. SB is about creating a comprehensive platform for people to better understand Chinese medicine and Daoism.

Use Daoism as the framework for the metaphysical (spiritual) underpinnings. Then integrating modern practical approaches/solutions/psychology and education methods as positive interventions for greater wellness.

SB will also serve as a practical tool for understanding Chinese culture and philosophy through this lens of health – Chinese Medicine and Daoism.

‘when life is kept in harmonious balance, health, fulfillment and wellbeing are naturally promoted and maintained’