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Flagstaff Clinic: $30 Off Acupuncture Initial This Month!

Do you have a health condition, feel pain or simply want more from life? You know health is a major key but are uncertain of the best way to improve it. You can change your default future!

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What Alex is Currently Treating in the Clinic:

Allergies – Weight loss – Rosacea – Insomnia – Headache – Shoulder pain – Back pain – Menopausal symptoms – Endometrial hyperplasia – TMJ – Heartburn – Hyperthyroid – Tendonitis – Sinus congestion – Osteoporosis – Menorrhagia – Wrist pain – Wheezing – Joint Pain – UTI – Meibomian Cyst (Chalazion) – Fertility – Lyme Disease – Post-cancer recovery – Trigeminal Neuralgia – Knee Pain – Osteoarthritis – Preeclampsia – High Blood Pressure